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“Live big and travel saving”.

Vacationer VIP is a 21st century Travel Club that was formed to provide an  platform that offers incredible discounts for tourists who want to enjoy some of the world’s largest tourist attractions and resorts.

In addition to making your vacation trip an unforgettable experience that will amaze you from start to finish, Vacationer VIP also offers a host of other services including cruises, luxury accommodation condos, over 1,000,000 hotels, Free shopping, restaurant discounts and travel planning with exceptional savings.

Vacationer VIP is a unique and interesting way to enjoy an extraordinary and value-added vacation that would provide more fun than you can imagine, and what makes it more surprising is the fact that you will end up spending much less while enjoying much more.

The great value Vacationer VIP offers may sound too good to be true, but the experience is real and the secret is simply because we take advantage of the economies of scale that come with bulk purchases. With a combined purchasing power of our members, we can secure the best exclusive rates and discounts only for our members, and with a mutually beneficial agreement with our partners in the hotel industry and major world destinations, our smart members are assured of a tool Powerful for both families and businesses.

It is a fun experience that you cannot miss!


Save 61 %


Save 50 %

Los Angeles

Save 46 %

New York

Save 44 %


Save 44 %


Save 31 %


Save 58 %


Save 28 %


Save 49 %


We are a group of passionate people who help you capitalize on savings by traveling more..


+1.100,000+ Hotels Save on all top hotel and resort brands anywhere in the world.


Reward Credits Earn reward credits on every purchase you make and use it to book travel.


Price Guarantee If you find a hotel cheaper online, we promise to credit you 110% of the difference.


Personal Concierge Book an appointment to have a concierge call and help you book a reservation or just answer questions you have.


Boomerang Invite your friends to access your travel savings and earn reward credits every time they make a reservation.


Market Place Rent or bid on weekly stay vacations. Make an offer for a price you want to pay.


Live Chat Our trained customer service team is available via live chat to answer your questions and help while on the website.


Save big when you book a week. Stay for upto 7 nights in a condo starting at $99.


The world is yours with Vacationer VIP and it’s here!

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Vacationer VIP . EEUU (Seller of travel in California, Iowa, Whashigton, Florida Hawaii) Uruguay (Punta del Este)