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About Us

Our company has a history of more than 11 years in the tourism and hospitality sector.

When we speak of course also talk about awards, including solid company and prestige as our headquarters which is backed by the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and is positioned within the first 1000 US INC.

When network marketing to know the beginning do not understand the potential they contain. But we are in a mature stage, solid, since virtually all use social networks which help us greatly in the task of being communicated and value vínculos.Al translate that potential networks we market the results surprising.

In the intention of generating extra income it is difficult to find a company that provides a breadth of whether motivational elements as integrity. Our parent company is one of the most admired company in the industry of business tourism and hospitality.

We support the 365 days of the year in three ways:

1) LiveChat 

2) Reserve appointment with a coserje 

3) by a number of international aid which routes it to different sectors (hotels, cruises, car rentals, activities and tours bookings, etc).

At the start the development of its own membership and to evolve in the travel industry marketing can help the people around them to get up to 50% savings with our program REWARDS CREDIT SYSTEM.

VIP vacationer arrives with this mature proposal to revolutionize the travel industry buying for the first time the only way to generate steady income and constant savings.

Through this industry which is very large, which is the tourism industry.

Time and money were always an obstacle to achieve our desired trips.

Ask yourself this: what would you be doing today if you had time and money?

95% of people always say: I want to travel, travel is the only thing you pay for and you enriches life. We are in an era where everyone seeks to travel, or leisure or business 8 trillions of dollars are billed annually on travel. Only in Latin America it sold nearly a trillion dollars a day.

 How the travel industry works?

95% of people traveling make your reservations via the Internet and 90% to the platforms that are on the internet are controlled by two companies Holdings Booking and Expedia.

These companies resell to others who use their potential advertising or marketing are companies that own most of the platforms that are out there to reach different markets but really the price variation between them is minimal platform.

Summing up why there are three ways to buy travel:

1: Public price

2: wholesale prices

3: Wholesale price before. In this case we put a platform to reach you with up to 60% discount to the price you see as the final consumer.

Our proposal is to give access to the wholesale price before where only 1% of people traveling have access.

As we got to move the wholesale price before our members?

Our parent company make direct purchases and has alliances and investments in more than 70 hotel chains and locks contracts with many hotels worldwide.

In this way we can show this comparison in trading between our clients and the level of savings over others Holdings.

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Vacationer VIP . EEUU (Seller of travel in California, Iowa, Whashigton, Florida Hawaii) Uruguay (Punta del Este)